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As you can tell by visiting this page, I like to keep busy. However, through experience, I've learned to keep from biting off more than I can chew.

Current Projects:

Business Association of Stanford Engineering Students
BASES is the largest student entrepreneurship group in the world. As a born entrepreneur, it probably isn't surprising that I joined BASES before I even arrived on campus. Since my freshman year, most of my time with BASES has been spent coordinating the $25K Stanford Entrepreneurs' Challenge, which is a business plan competition for Stanford students. My most notable accomplishments as part of the group have been launching the E-Challenge mentorship program, conceiving the BASES Affiliates program, developing our mission statement, and closing a $300K sponsorship deal with the Morgenthaler family. Unfortunately, I had to step down as an active officer in order to have the time to pursue entrepreneurial projects of my own. I am currently serving as an advisor to the BASES executive team and a mentor to start-ups in the E-Challenge competition.

Stanford Software Developers Network
I have been the President of the Stanford Software Developers Network (DevNet) since the end of 1998. While we had an easy time attracting speakers and sponsorships, the group has always had trouble figuring out what it stands for. I hope that some of our recent initiatives will change that trend. We now focus on "programming with a purpose" and during winter break this year, started work on foobar.net, which will be a nationwide database of non-profit open source projects that need help from our members. We hope to use open source as a way to introduce students to good programming techniques, while also helping society in the process. I would eventually like to bring foobar.net into disadvantaged schools and urban community centers.

Doing the Stanford Thing
Coming to Stanford has been my dream since I started talking to people in the Valley during my freshman year of high school. However, it's been even more fun than I could have imagined. I'm currently pursuing a B.S. in Science, Technology, and Society (with a heavy concentration in computer science). While I constantly feel the pull of Silicon Valley and have often thought about stopping out, I plan to stay until graduation and have turned down a number of really attractive start-up/acquisition opportunities.

Undergraduate Resident Assistant in Burbank
Being a resident assistant has been both the best experience of my life and the biggest drain on my energy. While being on-call 24 hours a day and taking care of drunk freshmen can be a bit of a pain, it's all worth it at the end of the day. Not only have I had the opportunity to work with a great staff, but the residents in Burbank this year are just amazing. The RA job is really different than anything I've done before and I feel like it's really helped me grow as a person. Plus it's a lot of fun. What more could you ask for!

Those are the major things that I'm working on now. If you've got some free time, you might want to learn more about my past projects.

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